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Oil Well Tubing/Seamless Steel Pipe


Seamless steel pipe is also used as oil well tubing. This steel pipe is made from a solid round steel billet which is heated and pierced into a hollow tube. Its wall thickness ranges from 375 to 4 inches. Seamless steel tubing is preferred in a variety of applications, for it can withstand more pressure than other types of steel pipes and is easy to obtain. It can be used for manufacturing tubing coupling and line pipe. Products in this category are manufactured in accordance with the standards of API SPEC 5CT or APE SPEC 5L. The oil well tubing is available in different steel grades and sizes.


1. This seamless steel pipe is used extensively in the industries of textile, machinery, chemical, and petroleum. It is used in many applications of high internal pressure.
2. We stock and distribute new and used oil well tubing in various types, grades and sizes.
3. We are capable of delivering the products to clients located across the country and around the world. Whether you need several truckloads or just a piece or two of steel pipes, we will deliver the pipes directly to your worksite or plant.

Matters Need Attention (Nondestructive Testing)

1. For the oil well tubing of J55 and N80-1 steel grades, we should conduct nondestructive testing along its entire length through ultrasonic wave, magnetic flux leakage and eddy-current testing methods.
2. The seamless steel pipes of N80-Q, L80 and P110 steel grades should be nondestructive tested through magnetic flux leakage and ultrasonic wave testing methods. The acceptance level should be in accordance with the API 5CT casing and tubing standards. Flaw detection result of the oil well tubing should be indicated in the Quality Certificate. After electromagnetic defect detection, the pipe should be demagnetized. The residual magnetism should not exceed 20 gauss.

Steel grades of these seamless steel pipes include J55, N80 A, B, X42, L80, N8Q and P110.

Specification Outer Diameter Deviation Wall Thickness Deviation Length
1.900NU 55.88 8±0.8 6000-9000
1.900EU 63.50 9.5±0.95
2 3/8NU 73.03 10±1.00
2 3/8EU 77.8 10±1.05
2 7/8NU 88.9 12.5±1.25
27/8EU 93.17 13±1.30
3½NU 108 14±1.40
3½EU 114.3 14±1.40
4NU 120.65 15±1.50
4EU 127 15±1.40
4½NU 132.08 14±1.40
4½EU 141.3 16±1.60
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