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Drill Rod


Drill rod (also drill pipe) is a tubular or rod-shaped component with threads on its end used for transmitting power to drill bits. It follows the drill bit into borehole. This product is used for connecting the surface equipment of drilling rigs and drill tools or bottom hole assembly. It transports drilling mud to drill bits and it is also used for raising, lowering or rotating the bottom hole assembly. Drill rod must be capable of bearing large internal and external pressure, torsion, bend and vibration. In the exploiting and refining process of oil and gas, drill pipe can be used repeatedly.


1. Drill rod features fast drilling speed, high drilling efficiency, large torque, steady operation, good sealing effect, high tensile strength, easy disassembly and good pile-forming quality.
2. The drill pipe also has good verticality, so that it is very convenient to install and disassemble.
3. This product has stable performances. It is safe in use and is reasonably priced. We provide thorough service for it.
4. As a specialized drill rods manufacturer, we purchase qualified raw material from Tianjin Pipe Corporation, Baosteel Group, Tianda Group and other famous manufacturers. The purchase is supervised by our quality inspectors.
5. We have seven production lines running at the same time. Therefore, our product delivery cycle is very short.

Manufacturing Process

Bare tube and raw steel tubing are processed in many steps before forming the drill rod.
1. At first, through the steel tube thickening process, external surface of the bare tube is bended inwards and the wall of steel tube is thickened.
2. The next step is thread machining. The drill pipe is plated with copper which can strengthen it. A non-destructive quality control test is then conducted. After that, the steel tube and joint are welded.
3. The tube then undergoes welding heat treatment and final treatment in order to eliminate residual pressure. The finished drill rod is tested before being painted and packed. The tests include hardness, pressure and non-destructive tests.


1. Drill rod is used for puling and lowering drill bits.
2. It can pressurize the drill bits.
3. Drill pipe also has the function of transmitting power and transporting drilling fluid.
4. It is also used in some special tasks, such as squeezing cement and handling underground accidents.

Spec Weight Flat-end Weight External Diameter D Wall Thickness t Grade Upset Type
lb/ft Kg/m inch mm inch mm
2-3/8″ 6.65 6.27 9.33 2.375 60.3 0.280 7.11 E、X、G、S Upset
2-7/8″ 10.4 9.72 14.47 2.875 73.0 0.362 9.19 E、X、G、S Upset
3-1/2″ 13.3 12.32 18.34 3.500 88.9 0.368 9.35 E、X、G、S Upset
3-1/2″ 15.5 14.64 21.79 3.500 88.9 0.449 11.4 E、X、G、S Upset
4″ 14.0 12.95 19.27 4.000 101.6 0.330 8.38 E、X、G、S Int Upset
4-1/2″ 16.6 15.00 22.32 4.500 114.3 0.337 8.56 E、X、G、S Int-Ext Upset
4-1/2″ 20.0 18.71 27.84 4.500 114.3 0.430 10.92 E、X、G、S Int-Ext Upset
5″ 19.5 17.95 26.70 5.000 127.0 0.362 9.19 E、X、G、S Int-Ext Upset
5″ 25.6 24.05 35.80 5.000 127.0 0.500 12.7 E、X、G、S Int-Ext Upset
5-1/2″ 21.9 19.83 29.52 5.500 139.7 0.361 9.17 E、X、G、S Int-Ext Upset
5-1/2″ 24.7 22.56 33.57 5.500 139.7 0.415 10.54 E、X、G、S Int-Ext Upset
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