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API 5CT Casing Pipe


API 5CT casing pipe is usually used as borehole wall support in drilling process to ensure that the oil wells are running normally. The manufacturing process of this product is of seamless type. Because of particular feature of the oil and gas exploitation, complex work status and poor working condition, the requirements on the pipe are very strict. Oil casing pipe of API 5CT standard can withstand not only great weight, but also the corrosion of oil, gas, water, acid and other substances. Our products of this kind are made of high quality steel.


1. As a specialized oil casing pipe manufacturer, we guarantee our clients the timely access to the products which are reliable and of good quality.
2. Goals of quality evaluation and assessment are achieved through internal quality audit and management. Based upon this fact, more efforts are made to further improve our quality management system.
3. Casing pipes of API 5CT standard are applied to furnishing and installing cased tunnels, where they indicate to pass other utilities or obstructions without open excavation.
4. This product has high mechanical property and good corrosion resistance.
5. The casing pipes are well constructed and leak proof. The quality of these products is tested by our experts for quality assurance.
6. This product has passed the ISO9001:2000 assessment and the API certification from the American Petroleum Institute.

Application Scope

1. This type of oil casing pipe is used in oil well drilling. It is mainly used in the process of drilling and supporting the borehole wall to ensure that the process of drilling is running normally. At the same time, as a tube in the well, this product is used for producing and injecting liquid.
2. This product is widely applied in the foundation projects of the industries of petroleum, natural gas, water supply, coal gas, thermal power generation, hydropower station, dredging work, etc.
3. Casing pipes of API 5CT standard are also used to aid in extracting clean and clear water from the boreholes.

Payment Method and Packaging & Delivery

We accept 30% T/T advance payment or letter of credit. The casing pipes are packed in containers and are transported by sea.