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Coupling/Pipe Coupling

Casing Coupling
Casing coupling is a short pipe used for connecting two casing pipes which have threads. This pipe coupling has internal threads (box thread) machined to match the external threads (pin thread) of the long joints of casing. The two joints of casing pipes are screwed into opposite ends of the casing coupling. The couplings are normally made of the same grade of steel as the casing. Through their strength can be different from the casing. All casing couplings are manufactured according ...
Tubing Coupling
1. This product features corrosion resistance, high efficiency, and good durability.

2. The tubing couplings are available in various specifications....

Pipe coupling is a very short pipe or tube used for connecting two oil pipes. It has a socket at one or both ends which allow two oil pipes to be joined, welded, brazed or soldered (copper, brass etc.) together. If the two ends of a coupling are different, then it is usually referred to as an adapter. We produce steel couplings of J55, N80 and P110 steel grades. These pipe couplings include casing coupling and tubing coupling.

Features and Advantages

1. This product has passed ISO9001 quality system assessment and the API certification from the American Petroleum Institute.
2. Our company manufactures these steel coupling according to the latest standards of API5CT specification. The ex factory pass rate of the product reaches 100%.
3. The pipe couplings have plain or upset ends.


1. The steel coupling is mainly used to connect oil pipes in oil drilling.
2. This product can be used to connect the shafts of units that are manufactured separately.
3. It can fit the misalignment of the shafts or introduce mechanical flexibility.
4. The pipe coupling is capable of reducing the transmission of shock loads from one shaft to another.
5. It can also introduce protection against overloads.
6. The steel coupling can be used to alter vibration characteristics of rotating units.
7. Pipe coupling is also used to connect driving part and driven part.


1. Perform visual inspections, such as checking for signs of wear or fatigue and cleaning couplings regularly.
2. Check and change lubricant regularly. The maintenance for the pipe coupling is required especially for most couplings in adverse environments or in different operating conditions.
3. Keep a record of the maintenance performed on each steel coupling.

Payment Method

We accept 30% T/T advance payment or letter of credit.

Packaging and Delivery

Pipe couplings are packed in containers and are transported by sea.

Coupling Size (in) Outer Diameter/in(mm) Min. Length/in(mm) Steel Grade Bearing Surface Width /in(mm) Weight/lbs(kg)
Plain Upset Plain Upset Plain Upset Plain Upset
23/8 2.875(73.03) 3.063(77.80) 41/4(107.95) 47/8(123.83) J55  N80
3/16(4.76) 3/16(4.76) 2.82(1.28) 3.43(1.55)
27/8 3.500(88.90) 3.668(93.20) 51/8(130.18) 51/4(133.35) 7/32(5.56) 5.15(2.34) 5.29(2.40)
31/2 4.250(108.00) 4.500(114.30) 55/8(142.88) 53/4(146.05) 1/4 (6.35) 8.17(3.71) 9.03(4.10)