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Pup Joint

Casing Pup Joint
Casing pup joint is mainly used to adjust the height of the casing strings. It is also used to adjust the depth of down-hole tools. Our pup joints are manufactured in accordance with the API Spec5CT specification. The steel grades of the products of this kind are J55, K55, N80 and L80 P110. These products feature high corrosion resistance and long running life. As a pup joints supplier, we also produce the API 5CT tubing pup joint which is the fitting of the tubing strings. And we promise that all our ...
Tubing Pup Joint
It is produced according to API 5CT Specification. Our precision-engineered pup Joints are ideal for spacing out down-hole assemblies and handling the production of tubing accessories. As a tubing pup joints manufacturer in China, we also provide API 5CT casing pup joint which is the accessory of the casing strings ...

Pup joint is a common fitting used in industry pipeline connection. It is a section of pipe of non-standard length used for making up a string of tubular to an exact total length. This product is a one-piece construction made from alloy steel. It features wing union end connections which eliminate the need for welds and threads. This pipe fitting is capable of bearing diverse fluids and working pressures. Our products in this category include tubing pup joints and the ones for casing pipe.


1. This pipe fitting has strong mechanical strength and superior performances.
2. The thread of the pup joint is processed by specialized CNC machine. It feature high accuracy of manufacturing, good reliability and long lifespan.
3. This product has undergone phosphating and copper coating treatment. It has superior anti-abrasion properties and its thread has good anti-adhesion performance.


1. Pup joint is mainly used to correct the overall length of a drill string to land at a specific depth while staying within the working area of the valve.
2. This pipe fitting is used to achieve precise depth readings in a well for various purposes, such as setting valves, nipples, packers circulating sleeves, etc.
3. Pup joints can be used for spacing out the drill pipe between annular preventer and the rotary table. 4. This product is used to adjust the depth of down-hole tools.
5. It is also used in the production of tubing assemblies.

International Certification

Our products meet the standards of API Spec 5CT or API Spec 5B.

As a pup joints supplier in China, Hebei Xinlian (Beijing) Petroleum Pipe Co., Ltd. possesses an advanced process line of pipes for petroleum which consists of first-rate CNC thread cutting machine, automatic screw machine, hydraulic press, jet printing equipment, etc. Our products have been exported to many countries, such as Germany, Japan, Rumania, Czech, Italy, UK, Austria, Switzerland, the US, Argentina and Singapore.