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Tubing Pup Joint


It is produced according to API 5CT Specification. Our precision-engineered pup Joints are ideal for spacing out down-hole assemblies and handling the production of tubing accessories. As a tubing pup joints manufacturer in China, we also provide API 5CT casing pup joint which is the accessory of the casing strings.


Our tubing pup joints have passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification and the API certificate of the American Petroleum Institute.


1. Before sale, our company can provide samples and plans for clients according to the given budget. The costs should be borne by clients. We also provide some wearing-parts of the tubing pup joint like thread protector.
2. The delivery time depends on the order quantity. The minimum quantity is 20 t. We provide the pup joints to clients and positively cooperate with the third party on the supervision and inspection arranged by the clients.
3. We offer a warranty period of 12 months for the tubing pup joints.
4. We also provide other services include designing, customizing, installation, training, etc.

Parameters Form
Tubing Pup Joint
Nominal Size Outer Diameter Weight (lb/ft) T&C Wall Thickness Type of Tube Ends
Steel Grade
   In.  mm NUE EUE  In.  mm J55     N80-1 L80 C90 T95 P110
1.9" 1.900 48.26           N80-Q 9Cr/13Cr      
2.74 2.90 0.140 3.68 N N N N N N
4.00   0.167 4.24 N N N N N  
2 3/8" 2.375 60.32 4.60 4.70 0.190 4.83 NU NU NU NU NU NU
5.80 5.95 0.254 6.45   NU NU NU NU NU
7.35 7.45 0.336 8.53     U U U  
2 7/8" 2.875 73.02 6.40 6.50 0.217 5.51 NU NU NU NU NU NU
7.80 7.90 0.276 7.01   NU NU NU NU NU
8.60 8.70 0.308 7.82   NU NU NU NU NU
9.35 9.45 0.340 8.64     U U U  
3 1/2" 3.500 88.90 7.70   0.216 5.49 N N N N N  
9.20 9.30 0.254 6.45 NU NU NU NU NU NU
10.20   0.289 7.34 N N N N N  
12.70 12.95 0.375 9.52   NU NU NU NU NU
4" 4.000 101.6 9.50   0.226 5.74 N N N N N N
  11.00 0.262 6.65 U U U U U U
4 1/2" 4.500 114.3 12.60 12.75 0.271 6.88 NU NU NU NU NU  
 P=Plain end;        N=Non-upset threaded and co;   U= External upset threaded and coupled;         I=Internal joint
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