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Carbon Seamless Steel Pipes for Ship


Carbon seamless steel pipe can be used for manufacturing the pressure pipe, boiler pipe and superheater tube exclusively used by ship. While ensuring the tubular goods in good working conditions, we provide some inspections for our clients. The inspections mainly include chemical composition inspection and mechanical properties testing. We offer a wide range of seamless steel tubes for shipbuilding.


1. Carbon seamless steel pipes are widely praised for their good properties of high tensile strength, smooth internal finish, hardness, etc.
2. This product is precisely designed. It is ideal for marine applications, nuclear power and fossil fuel power plants, transportation, petroleum plants and construction.
3. The seamless steel tubes are also developed for energy-related applications including oil and gas drilling.
4. Our carbon seamless steel pipes can be manufactured with different materials and in various dimensional specifications for specific application.

Steel grades of these seamless steel tubes include 20, 360, 410, 460 and 490.


Our carbon seamless steel pipes meet multiple regulations and standards, such as regulations of material and welding of China Classification Society (CCS), regulations of Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LR), Germanischer Lloyd (GL), Registro Italiano Navale (RINA) and Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NK) and the national standard of GB/T5312.

Parameters Form (Allowable Deviation of Outer Diameter and Wall Thickness)
Steel Tube Type Steel Tube Size/mm Allowable Deviation
Hot Rolled Tube Outer Diameter (D) ≤159 ±1.0 %, min.±0.5 mm
>159 ±1.25 %
Wall Thickness (S) ≤20 +15 %        +0.45 mm -10 %, min.-0.30 mm
>20 ±10 %
D≥351hot-expanded tube ±15 %
Cold Drawn Tube Outer Diameter (D) ≤30 ±O.2 mm
30<D≤50< DIV> ±O.30 mm
>50 ±0.8 %
1.5≤S≤3.O +12.5 %, +10 %
>3.0 ± 10 %
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